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GenLadder 100 bp + 1.5 kbp-M3340.0050

GenLadder 100 bp + 1.5 kbp-M3340.0050



The Genaxxon bioscience 100 bp + 1.5 kb-ladder is the ideal DNA size marker for fragment sizes from 100 – 1000 bp. All bands light up to the same intensity, except the 500bp band, which is twice as bright for better orientation. Each band has been calibrated with respect to base-pair size and DNA quantity. Thus, an accurate determination of product size and DNA concentration is possible. No ambiguous bands are visible.

The GenLadder can be directly labeled at the 5′-end with radioisotopes using T4 polynucleotide Kinase for visualization by autoradiography. The DNA-marker comes without dye.

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