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Agarose Tiny – high resolution – M3046.0100


Agarose Tiny has been designed for electrophoretic analysis of small nucleic acids. Fine resolution of small DNA fragments or PCR products in the 50 bp to 1500 bp range can be obtained. it can also be used for genotyping, allele sizing and short tandem repeat analysis.

Agarose Tiny works as a molecular screen and has twice the resolution of the finest sieving agaroses. It can discriminate between fragments which differ by only 2-4 bp in length and thus, is able to compete with acrylamide gels, being much easier to handle as the latter. Agarose Tiny 2% to 4% gels give similar results to Polyacrylamide 6% to 8% gels. For efficient resolution, the concentration of Agarose Tiny should be adjusted according to the range of band sizes analyzed, and the gel running buffer used (TAE or TBE).

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